Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm so cute

The picture pretty much says it all. I woke today, hearing Mason's voice calling "mommy, mommy, I'm awake". So, I rolled off the bed and half-awake walked to his room. When I opened the door I found him. Dressed. All by himself. Yes, he's been able to dress himself for quite some time. However, the stubborn factor seems to interfere more than his will to do it himself. I always enjoy going into his room when he's decided he'd get himself dressed. So, today was one of those days. He's dressed in sweats (his favorite), his wiggles shirt (another favorite...but backwards), and his tie. When he came bounding into our room at full speed, he announced, "I'm so cute". Yes, he is!
This afternoon it was Lauren's turn to be cute. Her class performed a play called "Mabella the Clever". The librarian (who doesn't speak english) has the 1st graders perform this play every year. Some kids have lines. Some don't. There was even a background "set". The kids designed their own costumes out of paper. Lauren was one of the mice. It was a bit chaotic - but the kids did great. Lauren was elated that Mark, Mason, & I could all be there to watch. Lauren can be seen on the far right with pink pants being a mouse!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That is what I want. It's very simple. Just some respect. You see, I'm a stay at home mom. This means, any sort of "kudos", appreciation, thankfulness, etc., (which help to boost one's sense of self and self esteem), must come from the home. Kids, husband. Period. So, when these accolades are few and far between, it gets harder and harder to cope with life! This also means that when husbands ask stupid question which "question" your own judgement, you get unhappy, and more unhappy, etc. And the more stupid questions occur...the harder it is to be happy with anything!

Let's take this back two days. Husband is out of town. Again. I could not find the checkbook and payment for girl scouts was due the next day. So, I call to inquire as to the checkbook's wherabouts. Guess what. It's with him. Thousands of miles away. Funny thing is, we've had THIS conversation at least 11 times. Recently. It's easy. Leave the checkbook at home. Pay bills at home. If you want to pay them when you travel, then take the checks out you need. I guess this is just not clear enough for the husband to understand! So, I get frustrated and angry. How many times do we need to have this discussion before he actually "GETS" that the checkbook should be left at home? Apparantly more than 11. So, he says, well, just write a check from your own account and "I'll pay you back". Funny thing is, I heard that same statement on Mother's Day. When I bought my own gift (after receiving a homemade gift certificate). I'm still waiting - I guess the "check's in the mail". Or not. Same thing with my "May allowance". Husband grants me a small amount of "allowance" the first of each month. Still waiting. What are the chances that the $40 for girl scouts will be reimbursed? Slim! So, I spent the entire 'Dancing with the stars finale' writing him an itemized invoice for all the "family" expenses I have paid for with my per diem (very per diem) job. His response upon seeing the invoice (which included Mother's Day, girl scouts, and allowance), was "I"m not paying you one thing".

Let's jump ahead to today. Here's the 1st conversation from today as were inside of Whole Foods (getting a sandwich for tomorrow's field trip).
C- I need to get a few groceries for Friday's dinner.
M - Uh. What? I thought you went grocery shopping yesterday!
C - Yes, I did. But I NEED groceries for tomorrow night.
M - You didn't buy those yesterday?
Let's stop for a moment. Let's consider that I did in fact buy groceries for Friday's dinner on Wednesday. Would I ask to "buy groceries for Friday's dinner" again? Did I forget that I purchased food? Do I just want to waste money? The answer, is NO. I DIDN'T buy groceries for Friday yet. Yes, I went to the grocery store yesterday. But, I bought more non-food supplies. 'Goodnights', spray & wash, oxyclean, paper plates, plastic forks, etc. So, NO I didn't buy dinner for Friday night. If I DID, why would I say "I need to get a few groceries"? For whatever reason, the husband thinks that I'm either SO stupid that I forgot I purchased food already - or that I just want to waste money and buy unnecessary items!

So, after a lengthy "discussion", let me take you to just a few hours later (regarding taking out two nails from the wall and patching them before the kitchen is redone next week):
M - How do I fix it?
C - Patch the holes and then we can paint it. I have paint for the kitchen.
M- Do you have YELLOW paint?
Let's stop again! If the kitchen is yellow AND I say we have paint for the kitchen....one could assume that it would indeed by yellow paint. So, yet again, my brain, ability to think, logic, judgement, etc. is questioned. So I yet again explain how frustrating it is to be continually questioned. Again, I said, I could use some respect and trust. I asked - did you think I'd paint those holes black? His response was "no". Seriously. I said we have kitchen paint. So, either the husband thought I was lying about having kitchen paint...or that I was color blind....or that he didn't think I could figure out that we did need yellow paint for the yellow kitchen!

Can't we ladies just get a little bit of respect, trust, faith, thank you's, etc?! Do I truly look stupid? Am I just stupid altogether? My report cards from way-back-when say I'm not stupid. My diploma says I graduated with honors. Maybe it's time to pull it our and wear it around my neck.