Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tootsie Pops

Tootsie Pop "sticks" are not for eating. Could someone PLEASE tell Mason that?

For those who think I'm a careless mother....I'm not. Yes, he did indeed chew/eat most of the stick. Good news is that it is made of paper which does break down pretty easily in the stomach. At least he did agree afterwards that it didn't taste very good.
UPDATE: Hours after posting this, guess what I found?! The lollipop stick in the car. Turns out the kiddo DIDN'T eat the stick.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How I won my new Cricut!

Last night at the Scrapbook Convention Friday Night Crop, the contest to win a cricut was to write a song to a familiar tune and turn it in. From the box of songs, they picked the top 5. We had to sing the song and then they were voted on by the audience by the 'applause-o-meter'.
So, here's the song...Sung to the tune of 'On Top of Spaghetti' or 'On top of Old Smokey'. Composed with the assistance of Beth Soderlund and Michelle Robblee.

In front of me I see,
a cricut machine
my husband won't buy it
because he's so mean.

Oh I need a cricut
I need it so bad
'cause if I did buy it
my husband 'b mad.

Oh I can just see it,
on top of my desk
If I could just win it
my husband'd get sex.

You think I am joking,
believe me I'm not
I need a new cricut
so I don't leave distraught.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Growing up

I consider myself rather organized. So, when my son asked for a coloring book, I went to the "craft closet" (which also serves as a little coat closet). I bring down the coloring book bin. Nope, not the right one in there. I bring down the workbook bin. Nope, the desired book isn't there. Next I bring down the watercolor bin. He pulls out Nemo, then decides to put him back too. One by one he doesn't like the options of our surplus of coloring books. I pull down the last coloring book bin. I pull out a Sesame Street coloring book. Then I pull out an Elmo coloring book. I exclaim, "oh, Elmo - that would be fun to color". Mason's response.... "No, Elmo is for babies".

Friday, November 7, 2008


The conversation at dinner tonight:

Mason - I'm thirsty. I want more to drink.
Cori/Mark - No, you've had enough to eat and drink.
Mason - I want wine.
Cori/Mark - You are not old enough. How old do you have to be to drink wine?
Mason - Twenty-one

Need I say more?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At least he's not a blob

"At least he's not a blob". Those were the words of encouragement the pediatrician gave us this evening.

Mason is sick again. Not a big surprise. On Sunday and Monday he was downright irritable, fussy, angry, and all around nasty! We attributed it to the time change and the fact that he woke much earlier than he should have. I figured the majority of his hideous attitude was due to sleep deprivation. Yesterday afternoon, since it was sunny, both kids played outside for awhile. I attributed the runny nose to the cold air (and yes, I did believe that - once we came inside, there was NO nasal drainage). Which leads to today. He woke in his usual manner, but was a little wheezy. Appetite, activity, and everything else were fine. After school, the illness started in much better force. The nose was greenish/yellow. Lungs were tight and wheezy. By 5pm, when we were at the doctor, he had a low grade temperature.

Needless to say, at the doctor he did not feel well. He refused to get off the doctor's "wheely" stool. I had to physically remove him. He refused to take off his shirt. I removed it for him. He refused to let the doctor look in his ears. I physically removed his hands from his ears to let the doctor look inside. He refused to open his mouth. So, the doctor pulled out a tongue depressor and I told him if he didn't open his mouth, I would and it would hurt. He finally opened his mouth.

So, as Mark and I are sitting there rolling our eyes over the discussion of oral steroids again, the doctor said, and I quote, "at least he's not a blob". True enough. He went on to explain how high functioning Mason is. He explained that Mason's "will" also shows us that he is cognitively doing well too. I guess we have to be thankful for that - despite how CRAZY his "will" makes us.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday was Halloween. The kids woke up excited. Mason wished everything and everyone a Happy Halloween. Mason was having a party at school, so he actually was able to wear his spiderman costume under his clothes (but chose to be a Clone Trooper for the evening events)! Lauren had to wait until after school to put on her outfit. She was Kit Kittredge, American Girl. Grandma Sherry MADE her costume, which looks just like the "real Kit". We did our standard trick or treating at Herb and Deb's early in the evening. Next it was on to Grandma's. After a quick dinner it was time for Trunk or Treating at church. I sent the trio without me (thinking I could get a few things done & hand out candy here).
Mark called shortly after they arrived to tell me his Dad was AT church passing out candy. As the story goes, the kids "trunk or treated" at his Dad's car. He was decked out in a beard, mustache, and even padded his clothes to appear larger. He used an accent and none of them recognized him. As they were moving on to the next car, this "strange man" grabbed Mark's arm and said "you don't even know who I am, do you?". To which Mark replied, "no, I don't". Long story short, Mark's Dad whispered that it was him, to Mark's amazement and shock. The kids were elated! I drove down and met them all at church to check out the carnival games and to see Mark's dad. After Trunk or Treating was over, Mark's dad came back to the house. The kids get to spend the whole weekend with Pop Pop, and everyone is thrilled.