Thursday, February 28, 2008


Sleep. It's important. It's necessary. I need it...and lots of it. So, let me reflect upon the "non"-sleep I had last night. The dog woke me somewhere around 2am (I'm guessing). She came in the room, came to my side of the bed, then left. I turned over and went back to sleep for a few minutes. Next thing I know, it's 2:19am and I hear noises coming from Mason's room. I stumble out of bed and walk into the hall. I can see light coming thru the bottom of his door. Upon entering the room, I find the light is on. Next I notice his curtains are open. I figure he climbed on the rocking chair to pull the string to open the shades. He's happily playing with toys. I, on the other hand, am not so happy. I close the shades, physically remove the light bulb from the ceiling, and tuck him back in. I have no idea how long he was up for, as the light bulb was hot to touch.

I was awakened again around 5am to a noisy, playing Mason. This time I catch him in the act of trying to open his curtains. He is standing with one foot on the rocking chair and the other on the arm of the rocking chair, reaching the pull on the shades. UGH.

Let me backtrack a bit. His overhead light was removed probably over a year or more ago. I HATED finding him playing at completely unacceptable hours of the night...with the light on. From time to time we replace it and "try again". It lasts around 2 days and then I take it out again. Last week, he lost his table lamp. Why, you might ask? For the same reason. I would walk into the room and notice the rocking chair had been scooted next to his changing table. By reasoning alone, I figured he moved the rocking chair to climb on the changing table, to turn on the light. Quite creative I might say. But, quite annoying at the same time!

So, once again, there is NO light in his room and I'm on my way to Starbucks for a triple!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


7 is the number of weeks my husband has been out of town a row! Let me say that again. My husband has been out of town for the past 7 weeks in a row! He would usually leave on a Sunday night or Monday and return on Friday. Occasionally that varied. He was home one Thursday night here a few weeks ago - but he slept at the Sleep Disorders Clinic to be tested for sleep apnea. A few weekends out of the past 7, we weren't even in the same vacinity. One weekend I was with our son in the hospital. Last weekend I was in Dallas (with my sister & her kids). A few Saturdays I was working. Etc. etc. etc.

So, this morning Mark and I spent some quality time together (after being gone for the past 7 weeks, except for the weekends). At the doctor. At his doctor. The "sleep doctor". The funny thing, is that Mark didn't think I'd be joining him. I gave him the "great news" that I was coming along yesterday.

The conversation went something like this (this is the abbreviated version):
Me-I'm coming to the doctor with you.
Him-No you're not. What are you doing with the kids
Me-Well, yes I am. The kids are going to my parents.
Him- I didn't invite you.
Me- I don't need to be invited. Isn't that nice?
Him- Why are you coming?
Me- To see what the doctor has to say. The good thing about married is I GET to come with you!! Case closed

Anyway, the appointment was quite interesting. During the sleep study they look at eye movement, respirations, brain waves (to determine the cycle of sleep), pulse, leg movement, etc. The doctor showed us all those segments and explained each one. The conclusion is (as I predicted) that he has sleep apnea. Not just sleep apnea. But, as the doctor said, "SEVERE sleep apnea". He stops breathing approximately 54 times per hour. So, for a few seconds every minute. Good news is that he will soon be the proud owner of a CPAP machine! Even better news, is that he'll have far less bruises from hits, kicks, & elbowing from me trying to stop him from snoring in the middle of the night! And, the best news of all: The CPAP machine will help him sleep better. Which means, he'll take less naps, have a better memory, etc. (And his risk of hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and car accidents will also decrease). I can't wait for our romantic evenings in bed...with him and his mask.

Just to remind you again, this week is Mark's first full week home in SEVEN WEEKS! It is also mid-winter break. So, the kids are here all week. The good news is that we've had 2 beautifully sunny days. The other good thing is that my sister and her 3 year old and 8 week old are up visiting - which means we have built in play dates. Yesterday morning we hit the mall for a sale. Yesterday afternoon we went to the park. Today it was the zoo. Tomorrow, who knows?