Saturday, April 18, 2009

T-ball Rules

I try to plan my schedule around important kid events. I go to almost every field trip. I even went on one last Wednesday. I've missed (I think), 3 field trips since Lauren was in preschool. 2 were because Mason was in the hospital (surgery, illness, or something). For those two field trips, my Dad went on one and Mark went on the other. The other one was because there was a drawing to pick the parents and I lost.

About a week and a half ago we got the t-ball schedule for games. The first one was today. And, I was scheduled to work. Which meant, I couldn't go! So, I explained to Mason why I couldn't go, and of course he was fine. We practiced t-ball yesterday after school with throwing, hitting, and catching. For a while he wanted me to pitch for him (and I'm not the best pitcher)and he actually hit the ball twice!

Anyway, today was the first t-ball game. They are the Giants - hilarious for the shortest kid on the team. They wear bright orange baseball caps and shirts.
Here are t-ball rules, as I understand them:

1. There are 2 innings
2. Every batter hits at each inning - and they bat until they hit the ball.
3. Each batter runs one base after they hit - except when the last batter is up, everyone runs around the bases to home plate.
4. There are no outs (even if you're out)!
5. No one loses (it's always a tie).
6. It doesn't matter if you miss the ball or run to the wrong base...everyone cheers for you.
Mason loved it. He told me all about it and can't wait for the next game. I wonder if he'll notice the difference between t-ball rules and "real" baseball when we go to the Mariners game tomorrow.

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