Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun with Lauren

I've been here with sick kid(s) since Sunday. Husband has been out of town since Sunday at 6am (before Mason's illness was evident). Today I sent Mason to school. Sure he was wheezing, but hey, they have his albuterol at school too! He hasn't had a fever in over 48 hours and technically, he could have gone to school yesterday.

Lauren on the other hand had a fever of 101 this morning. So, she and I hung out today. We went to the doctor. She was diagnosed as "viral". After the doctor and the orthodontist, we came back home and she wanted to watch T.V. She chose 'on demand'. No problem. So, I snuggled with her on the couch and took control of the remote. Pretty much I held her hostage while I turned on various 'on demand kids' shows for her enjoyment. Here's what we watched:

1. Kids Karaoke - The Ants go Marching (sang Karaoke)
2. Blue's Clues (of course I was answering Steve when he asked his questions)
3. Barney (sang along with him)
4. Baby Boost Hebrew with your infant (practiced my Hebrew)
5. Baby Boost Italian with your infant (practiced my Italian)
6. Hip Hop with Nikki (laughed at her)

Lauren was in hysterics, rolling on the ground in laughter, as I was enthusiastically chiming in with each show. After just 1-3 minutes on each show, I gave the remote back to her and let her watch her own program. Aren't I kind? She was able to watch her on-demand show for only a few moments. The school nurse called and we had to pick up Mason early from school.

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Meghan said...

wait, you watched Barney? Perhaps it's time I stage an intervention