Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's been MONTHS since I've posted anything on my blog - some of you have noticed. Some have not. You see, this past April while on vacation, I posted about events while on a trip with extended family members. That post was found offensive, despite the fact that specific names were not "named". Due to the conflict that ensued (and passive-aggressive behavior from the offended party), the post was removed and I decided to cease blogging on this site. I posted routinely on caringbridge, as well as facebook. During my hiatus from blogspot, I have had friends comment that they actually missed my updates - yes, even the sarcastic posts. To add to that, some of those same family members who criticized my posts, encouraged me to start blogging. One of those family members even delivered a newspaper article which toted the benefits and possible financial gains from blogging. Hmmmm.

That said, in 2010, I have decided to resume blogging, as time allows. I hereby give you my 2010 disclaimers:
1. Read at your own risk - I am choosing to exercise my rights of the First Amendment.
2. Events discussed will be truthful, unless otherwise noted.
3. I apologize in advance if I have offended you - My goal in writing is not to offended, but to discuss incidents of my life and day, which often involve family and friends.

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